Wight Diamonds Addictions & Struggles Support Meetings Begin

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It’s nearly March already and the sun’s beginning to shine! Flowers will soon begin to emerge and Spring will bring the promise of summer! How appropriate then that our first meetings at Aspire, Ryde have already begun and will continue weekly at 12 noon each Friday for 2 hours. If you’re struggling with addictions you just feel the past is catching up with you and is threatening to take you somewhere you don’t want to go; or if it’s time to finally raise a hand and say “I need to do something about this”, whatever “this” may be, then come and grab a coffee and chat to a few others in a similar place and one or two more who’ve been there and now burned the T-Shirt! Just in case times change, permanently or just for one week, always check the events calendar for that week’s times.

Aspire, Ryde

Phone: 01983 716020

Email: info@aspireryde.org.uk

Address: Aspire Ryde,
Trinity Buildings, Dover Street,
Ryde, Isle of Wight, England
PO33 2BN

See you there!!